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Variquoise (a combination of Variscite and Turquoise)
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Variquoise is named from the combination of Variscite and Turquoise.

Discovery year unknown; IMA status: Not Valid (trade name)




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Variquoise is a combinatoin of Variscite and Turquoise.
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Variscite and Turquoise
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Variquoise is named from the combination of
Variscite and Turquoise. When specimens cannot readily be determined to be either Variscite or Turquoise, they are a mixture of the two and termed "Variquoise". Variquoise gems are typically available as cabochons with medium to bright green colors with a waxy luster and may have "spider-web" veins.

This unique combination of minerals is found in the USA at the Prince Mine in the Candelaria Hills, Mineral County, Nevada, and at Snowville, Box Elder County, Utah. The Prince Mine has produced Turquoise, Variscite, Chalcosiderite, Faustite and Variquoise. Candelaria is a famous silver mining camp discovered in 1862 which produced millions of dollars worth of Silver in the late 1800's. The Candelaria Hills produce some of the finest Turqouise and Varicite known. Snowville, Utah is known for its Variscite and "spider-web Variquoise".

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