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Mystic Topaz (treated variety of Topaz)
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Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz is named for the "mystic" colors created by the very thin titanium coating applied to the gem's pavillion. Topaz has been known since antiquity and named from the Greek topazion, meaning to seek, apparently in allusion to the Island of Zabargad (Zabirget or St. Johns), in the Red Sea, Egypt; the location of which was long hidden.

Discovered (created) in 1998;   IMA status: Not Valid (trade name)





Chemical Formula:

Al2SiO4(F,OH)3 + Ti coating


Aluminim Silicate Fluoride Hydroxide + Titanium coating



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Mystic Topaz is a variety of Topaz.
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Mystic Fire, Mystic Fire Topaz, Caribbean Topaz, Alaska Topaz, Bermuda Topaz



Mystic Topaz is natural, colorless
Topaz coated with a very thin layer of titanium applied to the underside, or pavillion, of a gem through a process called physical vapor deposition. This changes the way the gem absorbs and reflects light and creates a rainbow effect within the gem. This "mystic" treatment has also been used on Quartz gems.

Mystic Topaz, also known as Mystic Fire or Caribbean, Alaska or Bermuda Topaz, has only existed since 1998, when a method for coating colorless Topaz was patented by Azotic Coating Technologies, Inc., in Minnesota. Mystic Topaz first gained attention at the Tucson gem show in 2003, creating such demand that the natural, colorless Topaz from which it is made had a temporary period of short supply until demand tapered off.

The titanium coating of Mystic Topaz should be treated as delicately as you would handle pearls. Scratching the coating or the stone itself will affect how it refracts light. Chemical jewelry cleaners safe for pearls and opals are the only ones that should be used on Mystic Topaz. It may also be cleaned with Windex or other ammonia-based cleaners, or a mild solution of dishwashing soap and cool water.

Natural Topaz used to create Mystic Topaz is found in many regions all over the world.

Mystic Topaz
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